September 23, 2019

I just finished my latest website facelift.  This is the fourth iteration of, since embarking on voiceover.  Only after I finish, do I come across this useful post by another VO, regarding the nuts and bolts of a good VO site.  All iterations of my site were...

July 23, 2017


My goal was to have the computer as far away from the booth as possible, with a cloned or extended desktop on a monitor in the Whisper Room so you can monitor your recording and set levels with ease.  The WR has these neat little plugs that l...

July 16, 2017


Last May, I broke down and bought a Whisper Room.  I have wanted one since very early on, and was fortunate enough to find one on eBay within a day's driving distance.  It also happened to be a size that would fit in the room I chose...

April 25, 2017

Image: (Developer)

I've tried a few apps to annotate sides and other PDFs on my iPad, including the old favourite Evernote.  I use an iPad Mini, and would like to upgrade to an iPad Pro in the future.  The limitations I've had with other PDF annotation ap...

October 24, 2016

"Your recording is only as good as the weakest link in your recording chain"  - Tommy Griffiths,

I found a great deal on a Rode NT1-A microphone from a fellow who was selling the contents of his studio.  I am so happy with it.  It is an incredibly quiet micro...

July 10, 2016

I found a decent deal on a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 on Craigslist, so I figured I should jump.  The Solos come available every once in a while on there for $90-120, I’ve seen a 2i4 (2 inputs, 4 outputs) for $285, and mine (2 inputs, 2 output) was in the middle at $150....

June 27, 2016

If I could go back in time and re-do my very first MP3 audition, I would have paid more attention to the acoustic treatments in the room I was recording in.  I have been meaning for some time to make a little recording area in the alarmingly large walk-in closet in my...

June 25, 2016

I came home from work to a flooded apartment.  Some catastrophe occurred two floors up that resulted in a bunch of rusty water pouring through my bathroom fan and out of my breaker box(!!!).

As annoyed as I was to have to bring an umbrella if I wanted to visit the...

June 24, 2016

Today, I came home from work at the dental office I work at.  I made a domain for myself and a WordPress account!  Today, I will chronicle my journey into voiceover!

I’ve been slowly plugging away at voiceover since August 2015.  A coworker posted a photo of hersel...

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